The Benefits Of An ITB Seal To Your Photography Business

As with many other businesses, the photography market has become over-saturated. There are more and more photographers; the gadgets and equipment are becoming cheaper; and people who can use snapshots relatively well may now also consider themselves photographers. If you think about the number of people who are already in the market, yes, there are too many. However, if you compete with skills and aesthetics, you’ll realize that it really is not. Only you can shoot the way you do so you will always have a place. 

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But how can skilled photographers separate themselves from the pack? There’s a lot you can do. You can make marketing campaigns that feature your best reviews from previous clients. You can ask for referrals. Plus, you can create a beautiful and non-cluttered website bearing an Internet Trade Bureau (ITB) seal.

One example of an ITB Sealed business is

What Is An Internet Trade Bureau (ITB) Seal?

An ITB seal is a seal given to all member sites of the Internet Trade Bureau – a private organization that promotes fair trade on the internet. All member websites undergo a strict accreditation process before they’re granted membership. They’re also constantly monitored to make sure that all members don’t have too many unresolved customer complaints. Members are further provided with star ratings depending on how well they meet customer satisfaction. 

How To Get An ITB Seal For Your Photography Business

To apply for membership and get the ITB seal, you should first fill out a review request form for your photography website. Staff from the ITB will then review your site in the next 24 hours. It is important to note that the organization weeds out websites that contain ‘offensive’ or ‘adult’ materials and those that are obvious scams. So, you better back out from the get-go if you’re one of those.

Once your site is verified and approved, you will be given an ITB seal to promote your business. At the same time, your potential clients will be able to see your website and verify your credibility as a photography company from ITB’s own website. 

Benefits Of An ITB Seal For Your Photography Business

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If you are a photography company that’s considering getting the ITB seal, here are some good reasons why you should stop having second thoughts.

1. The ITB Seal Gives You A Competitive Advantage

The number of photography businesses is expected to skyrocket to 236,945 businesses between 2021 and 2026. That’s in the US alone! Bearing the ITB seal automatically differentiates you from your competitors. When you take into account how many other photography businesses don’t have the seal, it’s easy to see how you can stand out.

2. Your Reputation May Be Boosted

As previously mentioned, ITB conducts regular checks on their member websites. Those that get high star ratings will get an instant reputation boost for their photography business. On the flip side, businesses that get excessive and unresolved complaints will not only get low stars but may also be removed from the membership. So, if you are highly mindful of your client’s satisfaction, this is a plus point.

3. You Have More Online Visibility

Your photography business will have an accredited status in the ITB directory. Your existing clients will also be able to give feedback (as well as send complaints) through it. You will have a display of your photography business’s profile, images, videos, etc. and that can give you additional leads. This is a great, great thing as ITB itself is a highly reputed organization.

4. You Can Rack Up A Higher ROI

On average, ITB’s members have had approximately a 250% jump in sales! That’s because they’re now more visible and credible as companies. This is very meager, especially that membership only costs around $3 per month. Truly a great deal!

Final Thoughts

Getting an ITB accreditation for your photography business is a no-brainer. Once you get that seal on your website, you are there telling the world that you’re not only one of the best photography companies, but also an extremely reliable one. So, to stand out from the huge competition, get yourself a website bearing the ITB seal.