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Can Alternative medicines be your friends or foes?

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Can Alternative medicines be your friends or foes?

Author: Christina Emiley

Alternative medicines refer to a set of treatments and procedures that are used in place of conventional treatments to treat a set of illnesses. Very often you see people getting confused between alternative medicines and complementary medicines. The latter is, in fact, a combination of alternative medicines and conventional medicines. If you are interested to get full benefits from alternative medicines then you will have to completely switch over to over to this form of medicines from conventional strategies. However, there are people that are continuing to rely on the benefits that the combinations of these two medicines provide. The reason behind this could be attributed to their own personal beliefs as well as the type of illnesses they are recovering from.

There are few alternative medicine treatments that are known to include religious and spiritual components in them. But this is not the case with all medicinal treatments within alternative methods. There are other treatments that rely on natural supplements as well. Interestingly, certain practices that are considered to be a part of alternative medicines by Western cultures are not considered so by other cultures. A classic example for this is the Ayurveda; Indian medicinal form, and Chinese medicine.

Alternative medicines are now being accepted widely across the globe, particularly in the United States. A testimony to this fact is the increase in the percentage of people using this form of medicine; from 33.8% to 42.1%, between 1990 and 1997 in the United States. Also, there has been a marked increase in the number of universities offering degrees and coursework in alternative medicine practices. According to an estimate, nearly 60% of the medical schools across the United States offer degrees related to alternative medicine. Thanks to this increase in the number of educational offerings, alternative medicines are now widely accepted as a mode of treatment. Doctors too are not hesitating to use it along side conventional medicines for treatment strategies.

In spite of it getting wide prominence in the medical fraternity, the alternative medicines have its share of criticisms coming from different quarters. There are people that are really skeptical of their effectiveness. This can be attributed to the fact that its definition is yet to be proven correct via research studies. Moreover, if alternative medicines were proven effective it wouldn't have been called as an "alternative" form of treatment. They would have been, then, included directly under conventional medicines. Measuring the effectiveness of alternative medicines is in fact very tough. The individual treatments related to these medicines are difficult to test and therefore to prove that it is valid. Also, as alternative medicines are all about bringing about or inspiring changes in ones body and also about self-aware, even researchers cannot gauge efficiently the exact levels of self-awareness or changes in body that has actually taken place.

Whatever be the explanation with regards to alternative medicines are, there is no denying the fact that they don't cause any side-effects when used in a proper way. And when these medicines are taken along side conventional medicines, the chance of a person getting well soon is a sure shot possibility.

Christina really enjoys socializing and networking with healthcare professionals online and also likes talking about nursing shoes, nursing clogs and also likes writing articles about various topics that helps people all around the world.

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